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Ol' Dd wants to take a moment and relate that while your changing those hubs, we might want to consider those disc pads a moment. Y'see,I sell lots of brakes in my part time work, and pad quality is paramount to stopability. And the axiom "you get what you pay for" has never been truer. Let me relate this simple truth, learned from FRIGHTENING experience. Cheap pads will stop your truck, UNTILL you NEED them to! I will humbly submit that only carbon metalic pads or better yet Raybestos "Sure Stop" pads for you '00 and up Ram owners are the bare minimum pads needed to stop 5000+lbs fade free. Don't learn this the hard way and blow through a stop sign at 40 mph with smoke billowing off your front brakes because you bought cheap "lifetime" pads.
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