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nextel ring tones

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does anyone know where i can get some ringtones that last more than 3 seconds? :cuss:
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make them.
spend some time here and im sure you will like it.
games wallpaper and ring tones
sweet, thanks. you dont need software to do that to upload it to your phone do you?
yea thers a few programs you will need but you can get them for the sights.
what do i need to download them? a usb cable?
yes you need a data cable i paied $25 for mine .
look around them sites and you should be able to get one for cheep. you can make ringtones and they get sent to your phone as a message.

or just use ringtones that other people have made....
i got mine from the nextel site....i love this bar :D:
they sell the cables on ebay packaged with a disk or two for like 15.00 bucks,good luck..
my buddy has "OZZY" singing crazy train on his and that sucker is loud
haha, i got that one, and ozzy and lita singing "close your eyes"?, they have them on the disk from ebay..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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