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new lift installed w/pics

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got the new lift installed, finished it yesterday, i can't believe how much better it rides now. I am very happy on how everything went together, now i gotta save up and figure out what i wanna do with the rear b/c i only ordered the front part of the kit, it only sits like 1 1/12 lower in the rear on level ground though. well lmk what ya think.



my dads 2500 HEMI with a 2" leveling kit on 35's

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Looks good :bigthumb:

AAL for the rear....
ya thats what i was thinking but i didn't know how the ride would be
that looks really nice, i think i said it that last time i saw a pic of your truck but i love those wheels with the color of your truck.
On 2005-11-20 08:18, 99 ram wrote:
ya thats what i was thinking but i didn't know how the ride would be

The ride is pretty good with the long AAL, the short AAL makes it alittle stiffer.
did you just use the fraction one and one twelveth?

truck looks damn good though, has a nice tough appearance
i have some 1.5" blocks for sale. you could stack them if you feel comfortable doing so or else weld them to your existing blocks, or do neither and get an AAL
your truck looks awesome I really like it!

On 2005-11-20 08:47, Bosco wrote:
did you just use the fraction one and one twelveth?

umm ya i did sorry about that lol i meant 1 1/2. I don't know :rotfl:
Truck looks badass :shock: Do the AAL I have a 3" one and it ride great!
truck looks great! i love those wheels... considering i have them too!
Truck looks GREAT!!!!! definitely go with the AAL unless you dont care to stack blocks like Bosco said :bigthumb:
Looks good man. You could also do a shackle flip and get rid of the block, or get whatever size smaller block you'd need to make it level.
that looks tight as {expletive} man... i'm gonna do the exact same thing with the 97 ram 4x4 sport i just picked up this friday
sweet deal can't wait to see the pics of that all done up, man if you were a little closer i would give ya a hand working on it, man i wish mine was a 5 speed nice score.
Truck looks great :bigthumb:
some nice trucks there. :bigthumb:

just get a taller block, shackle flip is a longer job than a set of blocks, and they ride different with the flip.
ya i'm gonna get the 1.5" blocks from Bosco
..... if you like stacking then your problem is solved ..... thats not for me tho, its :silly: .
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