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New bumper manufacturer

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It looks like they only make 3rd generation stuff for Dodges. Pricey, but good lookin stuff.

They also have awesome feature that lets you flip the bumper all around so you can see it from all angles and zoom in and out.
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Looks like road armor with the price jacked up
yea i just saw that in petersons and it caught my eye
they are so freakin expensive and there isgod damn waitin list to get one, i cant beileve it, where do people get scratch like this from? am i really that poor!
they have decent looking stuff and I guess a great shop. They wanted to hire my brother as an engineer but he turned them down...

But cool for what they are I guess
If the don't take orders till Feburary but yet the have a hottest parts section.
I would imagine its just part of there website program that is pulling feeds for there hottest items section.
They're selling now, my buddy is looking at there products for his 06 MegaCab. They might be pricy but at least you can get it within a couple days rather than months.
Do bad that bumper alone would put you $700 over budget on the "Four Wheel Drive" magazine cheap truck challenge.
I saw their stuff firsthand at the Off Road Expo this last weekend. Pretty cool stuff, but they were so freakin stuck on themselves I wouldn't buy from them if they were the only manufacturer in the market. They must be related to the folks at Banks or Kore.......nice stuff built and sold by jack a$$es.
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