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Nevermind, I guess it was some kind of joke...?

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excuse me?
alright, well that works?
... ... ?
im totally lost too, i thought you got jafted out of some money
This is what happened...

I PM'd the buyer about shipping the stuff and how much he owes me the day response.

I get a response the next day stating he isn't going to pay me...which was after I had shipped...he was supposed to have paid me either by paypal or mail...this was like 3PM...I have no paypal receipt so I figure I got stiffed.

He PMs me 4 hours later and states the first PM was only a joke and that he had PayPal'd me the money (still no paypal receipt). It was right before this PM that I posted here.

Soon after the PM I get a PayPal it is all good...but it was a very lame "joke" to say the least.

hahaha....what a moron. Your a bigger man than I for not posting his name up so we could all have fun on him. :silly:
uhh, ya it was me. and here is this:

Business Name:
Stephen Deeter
[email protected]


Total Amount:
-$15.00 USD


Nov. 23, 2005
13:28:09 PST

which was before he even posted the first post in this thread, i had paid him. he had shipped the things before i even paid him, so i was going to give him a hard time and make him think i wasn't going to pay him, which i had already paid him before i even PM"d him saying i wasn't going to pay. didn't realize it was going to cause this much controversy. go ahead and make fun of me, alteast i paid him, which i paid him 5 hours after he told me what i owed him.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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