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need some help here

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first off, i know this isnt exactly an all animal lovers site. but, anyways, i think my dog is pregnant bc she hooked up with the neijbors lab a while ago. her stomach looks like its starting to bulge out, but she doesnt eat at all. she usually eats 2-3 times a day, but lately she hasnt been eating at all... im hoping this is just a phase. if she is pregnant, she would be 15-25 days along alrady.... how can i get her to eat?
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Usually when dogs get pregnant there appetite increases until the day before she has puppies. The gestation period for dogs is between 56-64 days. At least that is what it is for Labs. My female just had puppies yesterday and up until Saturday her appetite increased. There might be something else wrong with her if she is not eating. I would probably take her to a vet and get her checked out.
:withstupid: this dont sound right, i think she has something wrong with her, not to freak you but my beagle did that about 2 days before she died.
may bea good time to visit the vet
yesterday she ate a couple times... about a week or 2 ago she wouldnt stop eating, she eats maybe twice a day now, but we made an appointment for the vet... i hope everythings ok because shes gettting bitter
We had a neighbor that had one of those wolfy dogs....siberian? It was always kinda lanky, but not skinny. Through its gestation it didn't eat much. After it had the babys, it looked like it was starving because it became skin and bones....but the babys were healthy and she was able to provide milk for them. It looked like the dog was a Holocaust survivor.

In any event, I would check with a veternarian to ensure she will remain stable and healthy.
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