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need info on cobra 32 XLR

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Hey guys, i received a Cb today, but theres no papers with it, ive tried for a while to find some info on it such as the wattage, a manual anything, the only thing im finding is some wiring stuff to tweek it out, but thats not what im looking for yet, if you guys have ever had one or know where i can find the info please let me know.. i tried cobras site but its not even listed there for the manuals.. heres a pic of it , it was a free score!!, gonna hook it up in the dodge..thanks for any info in adavance..

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also what kind of antenna's do you sugest? im thinking duel antennas in the bed near the cab, let me know..
hey man call me tomorrow...we will see iof it works in my ram....

will do to remove the slider from the back unless you have yours set up to remove, ill talk to ya tomorrow..Dave
dang no one knows about this thing??
either 102" whip or Wilson 1000 or 5000. Dual antenna's don't preform as well as pickup trucks arn't wide enough for you to have them as far apart as they need to be.
Did you ever find anything out about this looks like an older model, but those are the better ones. I never heard of a 32 before...

nope, no one has responded with info on this :(: ,i had ramsport59 hook it up in his truck to give it a try, he said its workin good, so im getting stuff together to mount in my truck..

if anyone has info let me know..
This should help out a bit.
owners manual
factory service manual
Schematic diagrams
hope that you find some of that helpful. If i come across more i'll add to this.
:bigthumb: Dude you rock!!, i couldnt find that anywhere!! thats a BIG help! thanks a {expletive} load...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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