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Well here goes.....

My friend has a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Belted..35x14.50x15
with way under 1000 miles on them...brand new for 500.00!

Now in order to fit these on my truck, these are things i need to know.

i dont mind some tire sticking out, but not excessive! 2" would be cool.

So 15x10 with a backspace of....?

I was thinking 4.25 or 4.50......

considerations are at full lock, hitting the LCA....that seems to be the problem area.

If anyone thinks this just isnt gonna work, just speak up....

2" would be the max i want out of fender.....This is a killer deal, and dont want to pass it up.

Or......just get the 16x8's with 4.25 backspace and 35x12.50x16's....

2001 Ram 1500 Sport, heavy duty service group, tow package, overhead convience group, Intense Blue, 5.2L, Gibson headers, Magna flow muffler, custom exit pipes in front of rear wheel, 3" Performance Acc body lift, white face gauges
Uniroyal awt 285/75/16
procomp explorer ex9000 shocks,
K+N 14x4
Speed Tweaks IAT remote adjuster...
3" Skyjacker
1" custom coil spacers
Explorer Procomp EX 2000 steering stabilzer

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I don't know about the MTs but I can tell you that I had a 1996 1500 with a 3" rancho
and I fit 35x12.5x15 on 15x10 cragar steels with only a little rub when turning. The rubbing was on the inner fender skirt. As for them sticking out, the frt tires stuck out about 1/3 of the tread width.
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