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Need help. terrible bounce

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I had a bounce that felt like a tire out of balance or out-of-round. I just went this week and had some new tires put on and the problem is still there. Any suggestions on where to start looking?
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Do you have a dodge? Your Profile says you have a 1983 GMC Jimmy? If you have a dodge, From the info you gave it sounds like its Death wobble. Search the forums here for "death wobble". Im not sure if GMC Trucks have the same problem. There are a lot of postings on it. When was the last time it was aligned? Its most likely your Track Bar. They wear out fast. You might want to think about getting a after market one like Thuren ( ), DT or something similar. Most here had the same thing, Including me.
Sorry, It is a dodge. 2001 1500 quad cab 4x4. Need to change the profile.
Ok then yes...the culprit might be a worn track bar. Your symtoms sound like what happened to me and many others. You say "Bounce" usually its a shaking that you have to slow down to stop. Is this what you are having? Just use the search feature, there are may post about it on here. . Here are a few to start at:
Thanks. If I had known that's what it was called I would have searched to begin with. I appreciate the help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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