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hey guys, its finally time to address the famous dodge dash issues ive had for the last 10 years that have gotten progressively worse. been through the dash liners and all that crap trying to cover up this made in mexico Sh*t plastic that has now officially completely come apart to the point my bezel wont even snap in anymore as theirs nothing to snap into. even my headlight switch and AC controller
just sorta flops around and lays there as theres nothing left to screw into. im not even sure what the actual OEM part is called but its basically the "Subframe" that im after where everything from your light switches to your bezel face screw and snap into. has anyone had these issues go this far and what was your solution? Ive gone as far as trying to find an enitre dash assembly in the junk yard..IF you can find one its all cracked to hell itself. Does anyone make or sell a reproduction or even NEW oem dash subframe?
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