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Need a switch enclosure

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I'm needing an enclosure for some switches.. No clue where to find one that I need.. I need one thats around 2 inchs wide, width doesnt matter to much.. I need one that you can mount switches in, with the wires enclosed behind it.. In front of the switches a clear plastic flip window..

It's for my homemade generator, I need to enclose the switches, and beable to see the indicator lights.. I didnt expect to use it in wet weather, but so far it has been pretty often.. Also to keep from tearing them up, broke one already, and one that the moisture tore up...

I can probably rig one up, but it would take some work, and probably wouldnt be strong enough to take the abuse... Anyone have any idea's??
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maybe get a out side outlet box look at homodepot they have ones with clear windows that are spring loaded u could fill the outlet hole with a peice of plastic
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