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I'm reading Stephen Hunter's; "Night of Thunder" a Bob Lee Swagger novel.

"Detective Thelma Fielding, probably forty, was a strong woman with exceptionally large eyes, man-hands, what you'd call a big boned woman. She wore blue jeans, tight to show off a body that was not beyond desire by any means-she had large breasts-and a polo shirt, black, with a badge over her left breast. A baseball cap carried the badge motif, but what told the world she was a professional law enforcement agent was the tricked-out .45 automatic worn in a Kydex speed holster on her hip. Behind it rode three mags, double stack. So the gun was probably a Para-Ordnance, not that Bob let her know he knew a Para from a Springfield from a Kimber from a Colt from a Nighthawk from a Wilson, and all the other 1911 models that were suddenly all the rage in self-defense and sporting circles. Next to the gun and the holster was her actual badge, wreathed in a leather badge holder, worn on the belt. On the other hip she wore her two-way, with a curly cord up to the mic pinned to her shirt collar. Oh, and the Para-Ord was carried cocked and locked, ready for speed work in less than a second's notice."

Bob didn't let on. I never knew. There is a dizzying array of choices. Choice:Freedom. I like that.
Anyway, what's your take on Para?
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