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My Project XJ (Dial Ups BEWARE!)

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It's been almost a year since I made a post on this forum but I've been reading it alot lately. I figured it's time to re-introduce myself and show off my project.

When I bought it there was a long list of things that didn't work or were in bad shape. The exterior had been primered but never painted, the interior was trashed, the engine looked like it was held together with duct tape, so on and so forth...

This is how it started...

Cleaned it up, changed all the fluids, did alot of mechanical work to make it safe to drive.

Added a 3" budget boost, new wheels and 31 inch tires. Did ALOT of fender trimming.
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Fabricated a heavy duty bumper with a tow bar, added some off-roading lights, then painted it. The first attempt at a paint job didn't work out as planned.

Got a free pair of 33" BFG A/T's, then I got a free pair of BFG M/T's. I figured since I had them I'd try them on. Took it out and got it muddy.

Decided I was sick of the yellow and red that didn't work out well. Camo'd it with rattle cans.

Well, that's all I've done so far. I'm thinking about saving up for a RE4.5" lift, but since I hardly ever get a chance to go wheeling it's hard to justify spending that much money on a trail rig.

What do you think?
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Not bad, it's definately come a long way. You planning on beefing up the unibody? Keep up the good work.

P.S. I'm diggin' the camo :bigthumb:
The red and yellow looked good muddy :bigthumb:

...but the camo is kickass.

My buddy has a 3inch budget boost and 1.25 in spacer in the front and 1 inch block rear for like 4.5 inches and he has 32's can run 33's.

Depending on what you do with it I would drop to a 32's inch if you flex on anything. But thats just me. You do got a nice little rig though.
I don't do alot of flexing right now because I mostly just play in the mud with it so the 33's work just fine. Down here in Florida there aren't alot of rocks or hills to play on. I'll be done with school in less than a year and plan on moving, so if I end up somewhere that real wheeling is possible I might drop down the tire size to get more flex. But then again I might one day do more lift like I'd want to.

I thought about cutting the roof off and building a roll cage and tarp over the cab, but right now I don't have any place that's covered to keep it in. Maybe when I move I'll look for a house that has a large garage or a big carport.
I got a buddy that did that I will call him up and see if I can get a pic of his jeep. So you can see what it looks like. :bigthumb:
That looks great! Nice job on the Camo...not redneckish like some I have seen. If I were you, I would hold out on spending the money for a lift like that. Though nice to get in a complete package, people like Kyle on here with his white and blue XJ got a lot of lift with very little modification. Check his out for ideas! Also, Thumpersdriver has some neat mods on his that are worth doing also!
I'd like to see those pics if you can get them Riverboy...

Thanks for the tips Madram, I'm going to look them up right now.
I dig the camo job you did. Whoever said it above me about not being too redneckish hit the nail on the head.

If you want to take a look at my cardomain site, my jeep had a 4.5" kit and 32's. It didn't have any fender trimming so you'd have to take that into account but you'll get the idea.
I called my buddy today I should have the pictures up tomorrow for you. :bigthumb:
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