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my jeep took a leak in the driveway

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went out to the tj (1998) and there was a big puddle of gear lube under it. it appears to be coming out of the vent tube that that comes out of the rear end by the pumpkin and ends up by the gas filler neck. any clues what would cause this?

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Most of the times it's b/c it gets too hot, causing the lube to expand, or the breather tube is messed up and not releasing pressure like it should until it comes pouring out of the top. Pop open the cover, check to see if the bearings are getting toasted or if something is broke. Don't know what else to tell ya... What all did they tell you on jeepForum? I saw you posted it there too but didn't read the thread...
on the jeep forum they either said something was broke or the lube got to hot. i had the gears changed only about 1.5 months ago so i don't really want to take the cover off till i talk to them first. so just trying to get some ideas.
Taking the diff cover off will effect the gears in no way.

Chances are, something is not right and is generating heat, causing the lube to expand and come out the top.

The sooner you look at this, the better off you will be. Don't take the girl's approach and wait for your boyfriend to do it. :slap:

--Hardy :D:
At the least, if you don't take the cover off, pull the plug and check to see if it needs to be re-filled, which after losing THAT much lube, it should.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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