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It's time to let her go. Below is a list of mod installed. At the bottom of the list, are the extra parts I have, but never got to installing or replacing. $6k

I miss wheeling, but I’ve grown out of it? I’m at an age now that I really don’t want to do any wrenching on something should it break. Money is kinda tight as well, (I’m not single and immortal as I once used to be) Work has me traveling as well, I’ve been to Israel, Ireland, AZ, NM, and had to live in Up in Oregon for 16 months for work!

My poor jeep has set for a few years. Fortunately, I have it running again! I put the Mopar fuel injection kit on it after the motor was rebuilt, (Motor rebuilt in 99’ Mopar kit purchased 12/28 01 and installed 2/4/02) added a Borla header, and the mopar kit was the best thing that jeep has seen yet! (The welder was cool too)
Added a T-18 as well after the Mopar kit, put 4:10’s in and have 33” BFG MT’s.

  • Mopar multi-port fuel injection (Modeled on 94’ wrangler according to instructions) Carb approved.

  • M.o.r.e. Bomb proof motor mounts

  • Borla header

  • 33” BFG MT

  • 4:10 gears

  • T18 (Granny)

  • Original, link arc on board welder with 35’ welding cables

  • Full cage (Not tied into chassis)

  • 4” Rancho “Soft Ride” (Probably now 2”)

  • RS9000 adjustable shocks

  • ARB air locker in rear, (Mod 20)

  • Summer brothers 1- piece axles (Rear)

  • CenterForce clutch

  • Motor rebuilt in 1999, (No more than 600 miles on it since rebuild)

  • Power lock L/S in front Mod 30

  • On board air (150psi) (Saden compressor)

  • DIY 2” body lift

  • Custom rear driveline (Basically back to back cardigan joints)

  • Custom front driveline (Due to T18 install 2” longer that stock)

  • Custom gas tank skid plate (Crushed out about 3 gallons of space on Rubicon one trip)

  • New gas tank (Protected by new skid grid)

  • New External fuel pump / filter (Ele. Fuel inj pump)

  • DIY steering box support. (Steering box brackets replaced late 80’s )

  • MileMarker SS Locking hubs (Or are they Warn?)

  • Warn 8274 winch (May not be available with the jeep)

  • Custom 3/8” angle heavy duty rocker guards

  • Bumper mounted tow bar

  • Custom Rack (It has 3 siblings from the guy that made if for me, made after he made mine)

  • Hi-lift jack
Spare parts to go with Jeep:

  • New soft top, Snug top, in box (Mid 90’s), Half doors in use now.

  • New windshield frame

  • New windshield rubber gasket

  • New foam windshield gasket (Never got around to swapping out windshield so parts not used)

  • New SS replacement dash

  • New SS battery tray

  • Original washer bottle (In a tote currently)


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