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Mud tires

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Is there any mud tire that i can get 40-50 thousand miles out of? If not what would be a good all terrain tire? I was considering the dick cepek radial fc II. The tire size is 31x10.5x15.
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If you keep them rotated and watch the pressure, you can easily get that kind of mileage out of BFG ATs. I had them on my cherokee and loved them.
I've got 43k on my 35 inch BFG mudterrains and they're still going. Three of them anyway, I ripped the sidewall out of one of them a couple days ago. I do alot of highway driving.
Mickey Thompson Baha Claw Radials are about as an aggressive looking mud tire as you're going to find that'll still wear for a good long while on the road. Will you get 50k out of them? Depends on what you mount them on, your driving style, and if you're good about keeping them properly inflated and rotated.
I got over 50k out of my Super Swamper SSRs. I ran them at 35psi and rotated ever 2500 miles. They are a good all around tire. Aggressive tread and good road manners.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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