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mud in oil?

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i got no idea how it happend, i got stuck in a hole full of muddy water and i got mud and crap in my oil. i have changed the oil bout 3 times, ran some engine cleaner through it. and it is makeing a horrible noise which i think would be normal in this case.
i dont really know alot about this engine work like this so and advice would be helpful.. thanks
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would you think my motor is screwed?
yes, you have wiped the main bearings, oil pump, cam, lifters and all that other wonderful stuff inside th emotor cause of the mud in the oil pan.
most likely its done, i lost mine about a month ago. mud in the oil pan, its nasty. look for a cheap rebuilt motor.

i found out the hard way that trying to fix it using other ideas is a waste of money.

take it to a legit mechanic and see what they say. make sure they arent f'in you too.

hope it all works out well. if anymore questions pm me.
i appriciate the help. i guess ill take it and get it checked out like yall said.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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