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MS Exchange admins....

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For those of you running Exchange 203 on AD, are you seeing any strange issues with Outlook XP clients connecting to the exchange box recently? :wall: :wall:
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i never ran office xp here actually. ive got some clients on office 2000 still, but mostly 2003. i havent had any calls about connection problems with either of those.
thanks for the reply...this i freaking weird....i hate computers :wall:
yes we have been having problems here but mostly it seams to be server side stuff.
have you installed service pack 2 yet? ive been meaning to do it at home to check it out. sounds promising to help eliminate spam, but not sure about the functioning of it yet. :D:
I have installed SP2 on 3 different clients servers. The best feature hands down is the increase in size of the Information store to 75 gig. I haven't had a chance to play with the Mobile stuff YET because my Axim, Active Sync, and WM5 are all weird together.

As for XP clients to the Exchange server, haven't had any problems or calls from clients. I would say make sure you are all up to date for Office XP.

Also just in case you were not aware, since you have Exchange 2003, you are entitled to install Outlook 2003 on all clients that will accept it. (no Win98 or lower)

Good luck... Exchange can give headaches no matter how awesome it runs any other time.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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