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mounting blaster ss coil.

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i want to mount it right behind the distributor on the firewall. im just goin to use some self tapping screws. is there anything back there i could puncture. i want it as close as possible to the distributor. thanks tom
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if you wheel your truck, mount it as high as possible.
I have mine sitting on the upper passenger side fender.

I don't think there is anything back there except wiring for your dash & instrument cluster. May want to pull the radio out & take a peek first.
i wa sthinkin the passenger fender but i didnt want the coil wire that long. so im gonna go right behind the dist. thanks for the pics and nice rig. tom
no problem, and thanks. Hope it goes smoothly for you.

edit: something i did, that you might want to consider: leave the factory connector for the coil leads (2 small wires) attached and splice in a little further up the wire.
That way you can plug in your stock coil if the aftermarket one fails.
i was already planning on that thanks for the heads up though. with my luck the msd coil will die in the middle of no where. tom
Thats the thing....they usually do. Do a search and you will see that many people haven't had much success with aftermarket coils. They are generally for high performance applications and either have no effect or end up killing a PCM or something along the way. The stock Ram coils are actually pretty damn stout and powerful when compared to other stock applications. :smash:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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