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once again more problems, my f150 has this mysterious miss that comes and goes when it wants too, i can be cruising down the highway fine then you will notice it a little bit and as you go on it will get worse and worse then it will get better sometimes, i dont know if the thing is just really finnicky about what gas you can run in it, i ran all the gas i bought last week out til it was almost dry then i put fresh marathon gas in it and it seemed to help and i was about to college and i got on it good goofin off and spun the tires and it magically came back, sometimes it will go months without doin it then do it for 3 week or a couple days or a month then it will go away, this really annoys me, i changed the fuel filter last may and it didnt help any. im tired of this crap, can anyone help. it shakes the truck so bad it its hard to drive and it has no power.
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dirty injectors maybe?
Most likely is a bad plug, coil, and/or coil boot. Could also still be a bad injector. You or a shop is gonna have to use a scanner to see what cylinder is causing the problem. A dealer should be able to find it no problem using Mode 6 and powerbalance on WDS.
we got scanners up at school, the problem is that they suck telling you the codes cause it throws the EGR code which i know is screwed up, i got the EGR plugged off cause its bad, its 60 bucks and has ran fine without it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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