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more noise!

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more noise from my front-end.. seems that the mud guard (the metal one on the axle shaft.. the stub side) is rubbing against the spindle, and just makes a grinding noise when i drive slow.

what's up with that? :-?: i doubt it can hurt anything, but all that grinding just ain't right

this is an hp44.. :D:
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Cant you just bend it out of the way so it isn't rubbing anymore? Theres gotta be a reason why it's rubbing.
Sure it's that dust shield or is it the bearing on the inside of the spindle???
its the shield.. the bearings are new. its fine if i'm turning or on the freeway, but at slower speeds it'll just grind (yes, the shield..). i jacked the tire up, spun it, put my finger on the shield, and could feel the grinding/sound from touching it, so i'm 100% sure its that.

i'm running full time slugs. there is a spring in there, however i'm not sure where its supported to go. i'm guessing its between the slug (flange whatever) and the spindle, to keep the slug from rubbing on the spindle. however because the spring pushes it out, its also pushing out the axle shaft, which is causing the shield to rub.

however say i take the spring out, will the slug not rub on the tip of the spindle now because its free to "walk" back and fourth?

let me post on pirate so mr. n would see it. he knows 44s in and out i think
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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