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moog or napa

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ok i need to fix mainly all the front steering on my 2500 ctd 4x4. including ball joints, drag link tie rod ends, tie rod ends ect... and am wondering weather to go moog or napa lifetime also where do you get moog parts and dont worry track bar is going to be thurens for a 5"
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i'm pretty sure that napa sells moog along with their own stuff. i used the napa ball joints and have been pretty pleased. they come with an a$$ortment of zerk fittings, so you can put in the one that works best for you.
The Napa by me does not sell "Moog", but "some" of the Napa brand parts is made by Moog.

alot of napa stores don't sell moog they sell spicer which is made by moog.
where do i get moog parts then autozone???
I think they sell them do you have a muray's in your area I know that they sell moog
i dont know i'll just have to call around and find some tomorrow because moog seems to be the way to go
it depends at work thats what we use and some is junk. I've put tie rods on cars and they were blown out in about a month and other stuff is good quality
i'll more then likely just go with what is cheaper for lifetime parts and what i can find eventhough i want moog parts but it's going to come down to what i can find
Try I have used them several times, they stock 2500 front end parts in Moog. Just click on the big red button and wait a few seconds .
napa sells moog. just tell the dude behind the counter to look it up the moog p#, they probably will have to order it though as most stores dont carry it on stock. if that doesnt work...i know checker/kragen carries moog.
I had moog TREs on my TJ - they didn't last half a year, and were sloppy about a month after use. Got some dealer replacements - and they've held up fine for about a year now. They still feel tight.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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