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My drop bar bracket kept squeaking because the bolt through the cross member couldn’t be tightened enough without crushing the cross member.

So I drilled out the forward hole to 5/8” (outside diameter of a SJ ½” spacer) and inserted a left over spacer thru the hole and into the cross member. I then bolted the drop bar bracket back up and tightened the bolt leaving out the special washer for the seam weld. This bolts the backside of the cross member to the drop bar bracket and can be tightened without worrying about crushing the cross member. Don’t worry about the extra bushing sticking out the front end of the cross member, if you want you could weld the bushing to the cross member on the forward side.

I used a right angle drill motor and sheet metal drill that has a whole bunch of hole sizes on it, mostly because it is short and allows me it get in there.

Steering also feels a lot tighter.

Eric Anderson
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