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Mazda Clutch Help Needed *updated w/ more detail*

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I have someone with a 1996 Mazda B4000 that just had a clutch installed (by a shadetree retard).

During the install the main hydrolic Clutch line that goes into the slave cylinder busted. This was replaced and everything else appears to be functioning normally.

There are no leaks that we can find anywhere.

Problem is there is no clutch pedal pressure(goes right to the floor).. and we can't bleed it.

Is the cylinder that weak that it can't work correctly ?

What are we missing ?

Oh yeah.. if this helps the clutch cylinder is internal.
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The more I researched it and the more we talked about it... it seems to be either the clutch master cylinder or the clutch slave cylinder.

The pedal goes down like a sponge, and it does come back up on it's own.

He said as he was bleeding the system, there didn't seem to be a lot of pressure on the fluid coming out like their should be.

To me that would be the clutch master cylinder since I suspect that is responsible for creating the pressure in the system overall. (I don't know this for sure though)

There are no visable leaks anywhere that can be found.

Any ideas ? Check out
make sure the little bushing on the clutch pedal didnt get knocked out helping on my g.fs brother explore
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