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maybe time to say goodbye

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well guys i havent posted in awhile, been pretty busy with other projects and interests besides my truck. well today may have been the last straw with my truck. i was coming home from work and i blew another wheel bearing, 4th one this year. with my truck it has been one issue after another, i just do not think i can deal with it any longer. i say this everytime something happens to it but i am pretty sure this time. my truck is going up for sale within the next few weeks.

this is probably one of the tougher decisions ive had to make but i think i will be better off in the end.
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give me your winch :flipoff:

park it till you can afford to turn it into a play truck. But in the mean time buy ya some thing dependable.
Its not like you have a heavy truck, My F350s been through one set after 160K+. Mostly due to me putting 35s on it and wheeling, but anyway maybe you should find a better mechanic/parts instead of ditching the rig? My .02
yea, i agree. my F350 just crapped it's transmission...and clutch...after me putting about $400 into the clutch hydraulics chasing down an elusive problem...but i still won't give up on's my baby and i know things will be ok once i have better parts in it...i say keep it and things will get better

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