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maxxis creepy crawler

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does anyone know if they make the creepy crawler in a radial? 37x12.50x15. just wondering, it might be my next tire choice if they have radials
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I looked on their website, but the only things I found was the standard creepy crawler and the competition. They DO have a 37x12.50x15, but only in the standard creepy crawler.
Here's their website:
Standard Creepy Crawler:
ya i kinda dont want to go the bias route. i do alot of pavement driving and plan on pulling a trailer so im not too sure of bias tires. thanks for looking
i put 150-200 miles a week on my bias Creepy Crawlers lately and no issues to date.
how do they do off road. out here we mainly have mud and rocks
great offroad, but i have not tested them in mud as i dont play in that crap unless i absolutely have to
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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