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Max tire size?

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What is the max tire size i can run on my truck with 7"sj coil w/ DC long arms , no body lift. Everyone here and there dog has jeeps and runs MTR's they think im nuts to wheel a fullsize. My truck is a 2500 diesel so i know it sits a little higher with this lift than the 1500. I would be running 16x10 wheels. The lift goes on this weekend :D:
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I think some 38X15.5 swampers would be perfect with that lift :bigthumb:
screw it put 40's and do some trimming :hack: just kidding you will be fine with 37's or 38's but if it was me I would go with 38's.
I run 37's with 7" of lift on my Dodge and I can stuff the wheel into the rock sliders with plenty of flex left in the suspension. If you have a particularly flexy suspension, you'll hit too. If not, you should clear. If you hit, hack away whatever hits.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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