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Magnum 3.9?

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Hey guys, I don't quite know whats up with this, but I'm looking at a 95 1500 ram with a 360. On the sticker (I think on the fan shroud, or close to there) kinda where the belt route stickers are, it says 3.9l where on my friends 1500 with a 360 it says 5.9. I'm guessing this must have been a typo maybe? Im like 99.99999999% sure that there wasnt a 3.9 in a 1500 ram. Does anyone know what might be the deal with this?
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the 1500 reg cab 2 wheel drives were offered with a 3.9l
They did put 3.9's in Ram 1500's. Was it 2wd? Im not positive, put I think they were only in low end 2wd models.
No, its 4x4, I'm guessing it must have gotten the wrong sticker? Im really sure that it was a V8, I'm nowhere near an expert, but it sounded like a v8 with stock exhaust. The headers or manifolds or whatever had like 3 sections, but aren't the two cylinders in the center through one pipe? thats how my friends 5.9 is. Does anyone have any picturs of a 5.9 from the side of the motor?

* the 3.9 is a v6 right? I can usually tell what a motor is, but the exhaust manifolds are a little confusing on these dodges.
count the plug wires
Dang, I wish I woulda thought of that when I was there! would that 3.9l have said Dodge Magnum on the air intake boot? I doubt it was a 2x4 -4x4 swap, but what about 3.9 to a 5.9 swap? My best guess is it got a wrong sticker?
yeah i would have still said magnum

its possible, did you get the vin?
my dad counted the plugs wires, there 4 on each side, so I guess the wrong sticker got slapped on at the factory or something. also, the orig. owner has the window sticker, so I'll check that to be sure it hasn't had anything weird done to it like a 4x4 swap, or something. thanks for the input guys!
You don't want a 3.9 magnum anyways. I got one in my 98 dakota 4x4, and man you feel like youre driving with an anchor. I think John Travolta said it best when he said, "Speed? Hell, if you're important enough they'll wait for ya."
they sold the 3.9 in early models of the 1500, a friend of mine owned one... so they do exist.
I'd check the VIN just to be safe. Soounds fishy. But yes, they did put the 3.9 in 1500 trucks.
It could have also been wrecked and got replacement parts from a junkyard. The junkyard truck could have been a 3.9. Even if a shop did it, they still may get parts from junkyards.
yeah, My grandpa's 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd has a 3.9Liter V-6

my 1997 Dodge Dakota 4x4 has the 3.9Liter V-6

3.9liter v-6 in a truck 2x4 or 4x4 = SLOW!
haha i have one right now and its slowwwwww. its got a flowmaster and its so damn loud, i hate it
I got one with a jba catback...sounded nice at first but now that the exhaust has been on a while its starting to sound a little ricey....

If I could go back in time I would have gotten a dakota with a 5.2, then I would go back in time again and just buy the damn cummins!!!!!!
Ok. I know the motor in the truck is a v8. but I'm gonna definately try to check the numbers and the window sticker to see whats up with it. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole if it was a 4x4 1500 with a little v6!
They didnt offer 4x4 with the V6 in the Rams. You could only get a V6 in a 1500 regular cab and 2 wheel drive. Also you could only get this version with a manual transmission. I used to work with someone with one.
:roll: could get an auto v-6 1500. I had an 01. These were base model 2wd's that had V-6's. When you got the SLT package that gives carpet, power interior automatically upgrades you to a 318.
yep dodgethis12 is right, my g-pa's 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd is the base model with the 3.9liter v-6 and auto tranny.
like someone said...i would check to make sure it wasn't wrecked. My truck was wrecked and the guy i bought it from gave me a new radiator support that says its a from a heavy dutey truck like dump truck or something... Looks the same as origional though. Also check inside the fenders and stuff for overspray incase.
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