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M/T or A/T

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hey i was wondering I have just got a leveling kit on my truck and was wondering which tire i should go with
I spend about 80 to 85% of my time on road but i still want good off road performance with decent to good wear. so should i go BFG a/t or BFG m/t (i can afford either both 285/70/17)
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I would say go with either, ive ran both and had good luck outta each. I personally like the look of the MT over the AT just because it looks more like an offroad tire. but each gets great wear on the road though! :bigthumb:
thanks thats what i needed to know im goin m/t :bigthumb:
I'd say GoodYear Wrangler MT/Rs would be the best overall choice for you if you haven't bought them BFG/Michelins yet :bigthumb:
Another vote for BFG MT's. I don't like the look of the AT's at all and the BFG AT seems to suck in mud.
The MT's do well offroad while still wearing well on pavement.

Something about the Goodyears I just don't like the look of.

I'd say either BFG MT's or Kelly Safari MSR's if you get an AT. If I get AT's those will probably be it a friend has them on his S-10 ZR2 and I like them a lot.
i have bfg a/t and there not that good in taky mud but are a great over all tire i also go through sand and the are good for that too so i would get them
The BFGs MTs bite better in the mud than my MTRs and are smoother and quieter on the road.

I vote muds. Once you go mud you usually dont go back.
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