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LS1 swap

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Anyone ever thought about swapping an LS1 into a dodge ram? I think it would be extrememly reliable and would also help out with the gas mileage issues with most rams. I'm thinking the only problem would be an adapter for the transmission and wiring...
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If chevy pickups came with an LS1, solid front axle, and sharper body work that could be an option. I'm saying if you have an old tired out engine in your dodge it might be worth it to pick up a fairly new LS1 with wiring harness off ebay for about 3 grand and swap that mo-fo in. You'd have a badass ride with a plethora of power, lightweight of an aluminum block, and it would be tons cheaper to modify than a magnum engine...
Sacralidge(sp.)!!!!!! :twak:
I see your point about the LS1 but if you have a lifted truck you shouldnt be worried about gas mileage if you are then get a little car with a 4cyl for DD, and if you want good power just take the 3 grand and do a 408 stroker, blower or homebrew turbo!
Haha, I figured bastardizing the truck would come up. You wouldn't believe the crap I got on the porsche forum for swapping an LS1 into an old porsche... Surely someone realizes the practicality of this swap and could throw in some information. I mean that 3 grand for a 408 or blower could buy a complete and more efficient engine... anyone with me on this or do I stand alone?
I'll bet cash that Advance Adapters can connect the LS1 to your Dodge tranny. Those guys have adapaters that will connect just about anything.
Id go for it! When I had my half ton I was super close to doing it. Lets face it, 5.2 and 5.9L suck! Why make a stroker out of a piece of crap? The Ls1 is bad a$$ motor. Very strong, relable, lots of parts, very light, and TONS of potential. Id buy 2 motors, put one in your porsche and one in your ram. That way you piss everyone off execpt you and me! :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb:
It would be easier to buy the chevy and get the chevy transmission instead of the crappy dodge one. Then all you would need to do is swap in a front axle. Swapping in a solid axle is a hell of a lot easier than swapping out an EFI motor, especially an LS1
I wasnt saying you shouldnt do it I was just saying it depends on what your intensions are, if you just want gas mileage it will help but not that much if you want power and ability to modify cheaper and easier for more power then just go for it. If you do go LS1 then which one is for 3 grand? The 5.3L, 5.7L or the 6.0L? That would help in deciding if it is worth it, just remember when it comes down to it you will be the one deciding to do it and other people just have opinions.
an ls1 is a 5.7(346 ci), the 5.3(327), 5.7(350), and 6.0's(362) are based on a different block than the ls1, i'd just swap in a 6 speed in with the it, the only problem i can see with this is the ls1 doesn't really have the the low end torque that you want to get a 6000 lb truck moving and how often would you wind your truck up to 5000-5500 rpm to get all that hp that it makes, you'd be better off building a torquey 408 that has a power band that you can actually use in a truck

Use/build a motor with a powerband that goes with what your going to use the motor for.
throw a hemi in there
here are my thoughts....

i for one and for this type of swap,i am a GM man,but only in regaurds to there cars,and they lsot my repsect when they killed the fbody,the gto is a joke,and the vette isnt out of reach cost wise,but insurance wise it is.

for a truck,id suggest the 6.0 liter,jsut because it has iron block,and it is more sturdy then the alum blocks. that way you can run forced induction,or a good load of nitrous without having to worry about it.

the aftmkt support is insane with these cars,my 01 LS1 runs low 12s with nothing but bolt ons and slicks.

and btw...the magnum motors SUCK for lowend power,in my experience nothing you can do to these motors make a 5k plus truck get out of the hole quick,at least not my quickness standards

i say go for it,swap an LS1 in,even the 5.3s can be made to make tons of power,revv happy motor too. who cares if people say its a chevy motor in a dodge,that kind of brand loyalty is retarded sometimes. i think it says enough your DRIVING a dodge pickup. i myself would never buy any other truck then a dodge 94-01 style. but for cars,ill stick to my transams.
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If you are gonna swap a motor into a truck, and are looking for power and mileage, why wouldnt you put a diesel in it? If gas is your thing, there are alot more products and adapters for the LT1 than the LS1 (currently -- give it a few more years)... I agree with everyone above though, a carbed 408 or something along that line would be lots easier to avoid the wiring mess. Also, a hemi swap out of a newer dodge ram would also be worthwhile.
i would tend to disagree,the market for the LT1 seems to have died off,while the market for the LS1,since its still in production is booming...and has been for years now.

while i would agree with the deisel thing,i personally love deisels and have one for a daily driver...not everybody likes deisels,most hate the noise,and the smell,i did at first but i grew to love it.

all in all i think the LS1 swap would be a good idea like i stated before,great power,enourmous potential,and good fuel economy,and you have the benifit of EXTENSIVE tuning abilitys with LS1edit,and the various other programs out there,you could theoretically have a program for 4wheeling and run an agressive tune,and another program for daily driving to get the MPG. you cant lose.
I'd put a 440 in I've always wanted to put one in my truck but don't think it would fit without major work.
why not just put NOS on the engine you already have? :fu:
On 2006-01-27 20:46, Hometheaterman wrote:
I'd put a 440 in I've always wanted to put one in my truck but don't think it would fit without major work.

i put a 390 big block in my can make one fit in that dodge if u want to. :bigthumb:
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