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I'll blow some of the dust off the Zuk section.

Not that anyone cares, but someone might want to do a similar swap, and since I couldn't find much info, I figured my experience might help someone down the road.

The background:
3 days ago my zuk munched a rear wheel bearing. Parts store wanted $45 and had a one week lead time, to top it off, the retainer required for the bearing wasn't even availible. I decided that since a Track/Kick is my Sammy's little brother, I would try to just swap in an axle from one. Off to the junkyard I went where I located a Tracker that looked like it had a decent axle and torched that baby out. I also yanked the chunk out of the front diff. It cost me $0, but for argument's sake,we'll say $50 is a fair price.

The big differences between the Sammy and Track/Kick are as follows: centered diff on Tracker vs. offset to pass side on Sammy, Trackers are coil sprung and my Sammy is on leafs, and BEEF! Now I realize it's not a D60, but in comparison to the Sammy parts, The Tracker is much heavier and has larger brakes. It also should be noted that the Tracker axle is around 5" wider than it's Samurai counterpart.

Installation is fairly easy with simple fab skills. I chopped off the coil perches and control arm/shock mounts and welded on a set of spring perches I fabbed up(after setting the pinion angle correctly that is). Even though the axle tubes are slightly larger, I was able to reuse my U bolts by simply elongating the holes on the plates by about 1/8". Welded on my shock mounts from my old axle and was good to go.

Adapting the brakes is also fairly straight forward. The Sammy has two rubber lines, one for each wheel cylinder while the Tracker had one and uses the pass side wheel cylinder as a splitter. I bought a $2 T fitting and was set there.

The next problem was the one I was most concerned about. The centered diff had me worried about driveline issues. Using a combination of Samurai driveshaft and Tracker yoke(they share the same U-joint), I bolted it together and took it for a spin.....shook like hell. I decided to try pulling the driveshaft apart and reindexing it 90 degress off just for the hell of it and all of my vibrations went away. Not to say this is a cure all, I found 2 other people who have done the swap and one needed a CV style driveshaft.

All in all, it was a good swap. Took me almost exactly 3 hours to complete, and was worth it. Not only do I have improved braking and heavier parts, but I also gained a 4.62 gear ratio over the 3.73 I had had(swapped the front chunk out of the Tracker into my front axle to fix that). I have to say that 4.62's and 31's are the perfect combo. I have a ton mre power now, I can cruise at 65 in 5th where as before I rarely got out of 4th, and my speedo is almost dead on ( about 8% off is what I get from comparing the ododmeter to milemarkers.)
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