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Looking At Getting A '03 3500 Dually Gas Ram...

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Like this...


The one I'm looking at is IDENTICAL to this one except for the CD. The one I'm eyeing has the 5.7 and my question is- does that motor really do ok in that big of a truck?? I will mainly be using the truck to daily drive and occassionally pull people out of stuck situations or tow friends cars every once in a blue moon. I just don't want to get something thats drastically underpowered when doing anything but pulling its own weight down the road.

Also, what type of front/rear axles do these truck have? Are they better/worse/comparable to older D60/70/80's?? It's possible I might go with a small lift/tire combo down the road, no bigger than a 35" MT type tire.

Also, will a 1 ton dually come with a LSD/Locker in the rear or is it possible that I could be stuck with an open rear??

TIA, Jon
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if your not gonna do heavy towing why bother with the dually? just get a 3/4 ton, that will be plenty
Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY A GASSER IN THAT BIG OF A TRUCK !

The magnum 5.9 is NOT that powerful.
The magnum 5.9 has reputation for cracked heads.
The magnum 5.9 is known to have bad plenum pan gaskets.

The magnum 5.9 is NOT for towing... and I can't believe they even put a gasser in a 3500 !

Are you POSITIVE it isn't a CTD ? They are 5.9 liters as well.
yea he wants a new one.
On 2005-11-27 10:15, greensport wrote:
he said 5.7, hemi I a$$ume...


I am retarded.... thanks for pointing that out.

and to answer THAT.... NO.. I still wouldn't put a HEMI in there. They are not rated much more than the old magnums.

CTD.. you WILL THANK YOURSELF.. not only in a good solid truck, but also FUEL MILEAGE. A 5.7 would blow right through a tank of gas just getting it up to second gear !
I would also look into a CTD. If you can't afford the extra $$ in an '03, why not look for something a little older. Also, if you are not going to use it for towing on a regular basis, than a 3/4 ton would probably be fine for you. My 2500 is my DD but also can tow my boat and 4-wheelers around no problem. Good luck :bigthumb:
You dont need a dually if your just gonna be doing light pulling! If you want something to compare to THAT truck look at the 2500 diesel.
I bet for what your gonna do, a 1500 with the hemi will be good for you, and you'll have alittle lighter-weight truck than a dually 3500. if you have to have a 3500 dually, get a cummins. to me, getting a 1 ton with a gas v8 is like getting a 1/2 ton with a 4 cyl. that's just my opinion though!
well the 1/2 ton has ifs so i would just bump up to the 3/4, abd remeber with a dually you need to buy 6 tires instead of the regular 4.
Thanks for all of the replies fellas, I really appreciate it!

To clear of few things up, yea most of you are right, I have absolutely NO need for a dually on a "regular" basis. The few things that I would need a truck for really wouldn't require a dually, except for the occassional car towing, obviously a dually would handle it a little better than a 3/4.

BTW, the truck has the newer 5.7 Hemi, 5sp auto, 4.11's, posi/locker.

As for the gas thing, I live about 2 blocks from where I work and 90% of my driving would be from home to work, so that's not as much of a worry as it might be for others. MPG so far for the 3days I've been test driving the thing has been around 10-12 city and 15-16 hwy, according to the estimater on the truck.

I know a CTD would be better towing and a little better on MPG but I just don't think I can pass up this deal. With the recent gas prices over the summer the prices on trucks here around Richmond VA have dramatically dropped, and now that the prices have dropped back down well over a dollar per gallon people are buying them up like crazy. Anywho, it's a 2003 SLT with the above mentioned options and only 24k miles, a one owner truck and they're only asking $21k for it. That's A LOT of truck for only 20 grand IMO.

I haven't made up my mind completely yet but I'm definately leaning torwards getting it. It feels like it has plenty of power for such a big truck, rides good for a 1 ton, and is extremely good condition inside & out. I've always wanted a nice big truck so that's part of it :):

Any other relpies would be greatly appreciated!

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Oh and also, for the few guys that were saying the 5.7 is way underpowered compared to the CTD, I did alittle research and found the factory ratings for both engines-

5.7 HEMI- 335hp 375lbs

5.9 CTD- 325hp 610lbs

Now obviously the torque difference is pretty great and I agree that it (the CTD) would be a better choice for regular towing and heavy towing.

But for the mostly daily driving I'd be doing I don't think I'd notice much difference in power just driving without a load. And, for the mostly lighter towing/hauling I'd be doing I don't think I'd notice a major difference.

The HEMI actually makes a tad MORE HP, and for what I'll be doing, a substantial amount of torque.

Like I said, it feels like it's got plenty of power for such a big truck.

Thanks again, Jon
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Im with everybody else, my uncles have a hemi and both are towin 5-8K pound trailers everyday and there still :wall: cause they wish they wouldhave gotten a diesel. but i mean if you think the diesel is underpowered, take and extra $500 and put a box on it, and im sure you will be more than happy with the power. i had a V8 dodge and would never go back. i love my CTD as my DD and wouldnt sell it for any gasser. but hey its your truck/money so i say just do what ya want!
Horsepower is number. But TORQUE moves the truck. Trust me drive a 3500 with a cummins and you will definitely feel the diference. Wether it is a daily driving or pulling down a house the power generated from the cummins is extremely effortless. I have had gas and diesel trucks and I was leary when I bought my first diesel but once you have expirenced an oil burner and all of its capabilites you will never go back to a gas truck again. When I read your post you said that it the future a small lift kit and 35's might be an option. As we all know when you start to change the set up of gas trucks the efficiency goes down (meaning less mpg). On the other hand, when easy improvements are made on diesels the mpg's go up. Even with bigger tires they produce excellent avg. mpg. I have a 3/4 ton lifted 3" with 33x12.50 tires and I still avg. 16.5 mpg city. Just my .02 cents but that is why the hemi's are so affordable. Gas prices are high and efficiency is low making the truck seem like a money pit. Good luck on which way you choose.
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my buddy has a 2003 cummins regular cab long bed forsale, 62,000 on the clock, oil changed every 3,000, some dents dings and scratches but a good running cummins.
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