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looking at 7.3 next week, question

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hey guys, im going to look at a 1999 f-350 7.3 powerstroke this week. i have one question really....the truck has a 6 speed in it, and i was wondering if there were any problems with these transmissions...or even this year truck...the motor has 75k

thanks alot

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where is the powerstroke emblem on the truck, if its a 1999.5 and earlier it will have a smaller charger than the 199.5 and newer
the 6 speed is about bulletproof really for an un modded 7.3 i have the same manual tranny behind my v-10 and never had any issues and i tow alot ,And engine wise the 7.3 is a pretty good engine really,they have their lil quirks when you get ahold of the wrong one just like anything else but all in all they are strong trucks,
yeah the emblem is on the door...i work for a landscape construction company so i've driven plenty of these trucks before...its just that they have been all autos...i don't plan on modifying the truck, i just want it for towing my bobcat and friends boats...i had heard some bad things about earlier 99s so thats why i was wondering....

thanks for the help
id throw an ICP mod on it and just leave it at that.
6 speed is the one to have....just a heads up, the one I drove a lot wasnt synchronized on the granny 1st-2nd shift (only used when towing) Sometimes its a pain to get the shift right or need to double clutch on the way down but supposedly theyre made that way.
yeah i've driven my friends 96 powerstroke that has a 5speed in it, and his first gear is the granny basically i should start in 3rd your saying?...i've only driven these sort of trucks with the 5 speed in them so this is all new to me....

thanks for the help so far
never had a problem with my tranny either and i ve slammed through the gears a few times, not to mention the truck has a few mods on it. Youll be fine with it its a good strong truck
Yeah if your pullin a boat or a bobcat around i would steer clear of the auto. If your going to be leaving it stock you arn't going to be able to tear up a six speed.
For almost all normal driving and towing, unless you pull something inordinately heavy or are severely undergeared, you'd start off in 2nd gear, as indicated on the shift knob. Low/1st gear is for pulling something extremely heavy short distances or easing along very slowly.

The biggest thing to watch out for on those trucks (7.3 Direct Injection/Powerstrokes), whether it be a '94.5-'03, is to make sure the coolant has been kept up to par and changed, as Ford/Navistar/the books call for. The cylinder walls are terrible for pitting if the coolant hasn't been kept up to grade. Other than that, I think the weak link, in that combination (7.3/6-speed ZF) is the dual-mass flywheel. If you ever need to or, for whatever reason, just feel the need to "upgrade" your clutch, I'd take that dual-mass flywheel and throw it in a dumpster and get a single-mass (read: standard one-piece) flywheel and quality clutch. Southbend Clutch, etc., sells single-mass flywheel & clutch kits for such applications.

EDIT: and while I realize you indicate you don't have any plans for modifying it, a 4" exhaust helps those things come alive, quite a bit, as well as reduces your exhaust temperature and improves mileage, too. You can get a 4" turbo-back exhaust from Summit for like $300.00 (down-pipe, intermediate pipe, muffler, tailpipe, clamps, and hardware).
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