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locker options for 83 chev.

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so I know i can get a detroit for a little over 400 dollars, but this truck will be about 50/50 onroad/offroad and i will be running 35's is there any other option for a daily driver? and keep in mind i have the 10 bolt rear :cuss:
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weld it solid till it blows up
got an e-mail back from aussie locker, they will have a corp. 10-bolt unit available early next summer...problem solved!
Stick a 14 bolt under the rear and convert the front to 8 lug. That'll survive anything you can throw at it until you get bigger than 36's under it. Even at that the only trouble you would have would be with the front. The 14 bolt will survive 44's.

I was serious when I said don't spend any money on a 10 bolt...might as well flush that money down the toilet.

I love these old Chevy's, this is my my 4th one and I've had it 9 years now. That being said the guys at GM should be taken out behind a building and beaten within an inch of their life for ever putting a 10 bolt under any GM truck. Even with stock tires they will frag.

Thank God the rest of the truck is pretty decently built.

FWIW the 10 bolt fronts are more durable than the rears. The fact they're full floating really seems to help. They'll survive 35's with a full case locker, and 36's open.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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