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Line-X Vs. Powdercoat Vs. Paint

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I got a roll bar for my truck the other day, but it was custom made and is just bare steel right now. The quotes I got for powdercoating were redculously high and out of my price range. So I was thinking about having it sprayed with automotive paint, but the durability of paint concerns me.

How do you guys think it'd look if I got the bar Line-X'd? I know it'd look cool and tough as hell, but it might not perfectly match my work bedliner that I have now, or might stand out a lot against the glossy cab. Whatcha think?
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I have the same problem the thing is what is the truck going to be used for show or go? If SHOW then go with the gloss finish but if for Go I would Line-X it. I think they can add a gloss finish to Line-X you may want to ask around if so then I would do that. It's a hard choice until you do it. :wall:
the truck is no where near pretty enough for shows. It's my daily driver, so I do want it to look good, but it is also wheeled whenever possible.
how much were your quotes for powder coating? all the powder coating i have had done has always been reasonably priced (I.E. my entire SJ kit when i re did my suspension the first time was $125). then all my thuren stuff, my zero rates, shackles and u bolt plates were only $90
The first place I called wanted $175-275, couldn't say for sure without seeing it. The other place said at least 300, and 2 other places I called enver returned my calls.

I sent messages to 2 guys I know about getting it painted, I'll see what they say.

I called LineX, and he said 175 and up, can't tell for sure without seeing it.
Gray primer and a case of Rustolium high gloss black spray paint.. :bigthumb:

It took me so much effort to get a good finish with spraypaint on my control arms, I don't think I could spray bomb something this big and visible to the same result.
i dunno, after having a bunch of powder coated stuff, i wouldnt use it again.

to me it just doesnt seem to hold up around chicagoland.
On 2005-12-03 21:24, does it matter wrote:
i dunno, after having a bunch of powder coated stuff, i wouldnt use it again.

to me it just doesnt seem to hold up around chicagoland.

this also depends on where and who does the powder coating. its the same as a paint job. it can be done well, or it can be done poorly. or course i dont have to worry about salt so i cant say anything about that. but my control arms have sat on rocks, i have hit pieces with a hammer and the worst that has happened is small chips taken out (the control arms from rocks) . i just put a touch of spray paint there to keep it from rusting and call it a day
I don't have a spray gun, heated place to use it, nor do I know how to use it.
another vote for POR-15
Alright a friend of my brother is going to sand the rust off for me, prime it, and give it a good 5 or 6 coats of black and then clear it for 100 bucks. THis guy painted my brothers grille and fender flares and it looks sweet, so'll just go with him.

I think I'm going to drill the holes for the wires (I want to run the wires through the tube, hopefully that's doable) and put it in the bed and mock it up exactly where it will go and drill all the holes first, that way when it's painted I just have to put it in and bolt it down and won't risk scratching it.

Guess I'd better order lights today or tomarrow. I think I'll just get some Pro-Comps for 25 bucks a piece, I won't use them enough to justify 50+ dollars for KCs.
i just used spray on bedliner for my home-welded headache rack. it looks good, and it's real tough
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