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Limiting Straps for ATV's

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I'm looking for some limiting straps for a ATV...Which means they will be shorter then a truck strap....Where can I find a company that makes them?

Or Can I make my own? What to use?

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use an old tow strap or one from walmart or harbor frieght for $10 and cut to size for all 4 corners
Thats a Great Idea....I have a few busted Ratchet Straps, there were rated at 1K pounds. How would I go about making a "eyelet" on the end so It would not rip the fabric out when I lauch it on time to hard?

Do you know anyone that has a commerical grade sewing machine? Well you might beable to do it with a regular sewing machine if you use rachet straps. I know that regular straps are to big to sew but ratchet straps would most likely work. Then just go test it out and if it fails, more stitching :silly:
seat belts (lap belts) work great and they are easily disconected
They would be nice, but I dont have the room for something that big under there...

Bike flexing alittle to much for ya lol :bigthumb:
:withstupid: theres no way that that suzuki is flexing that much to spit out springs,,and if it is you have bigger issues
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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