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LIKE A ROCK!!!(beware it's a Novel)

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So I finally got my project truck(see avatar) up to school today...

It was in Co. Springs at a friends house, so we got a ride down from fort collins ( about 140 miles) and picked her up. After a quick jump we were off, we filled up at 1.99 a gallon :D: and got underway.

When i shifted into top gear (third on my sm465) for the first time we heard a pop and the truxck got very, very loud and had no torque, at the same time it quit idiling. :x:

By this time it was dark and freezzing cold (about 8 degrees) so we got some dinner and got on the 25 north for our 140 mile return trip despite what i thought was an exhaust leak...

We arrive in Fort collins a mere 1 hr and 45 mins later. ( average of about 76 mph!) and the truck had run awesome despite the awfully loud noise

So i pop the hood under the gas station lights, only to find one spark plug completely missing!!! :wall:

On closer inspection, all remnaing seven were finger tight! :wall: :shock: :wall: :shock:

:shoot: (previous owner)

But a quick trip to the 24 hr super walmart provided my plug and wrench and we had her back to 100% in minutes!

BOTTOM LINE : How bulletproof are these old trucks, She hauled a$$ and got about 12mpg with 7 loose plugs!

Man I will now be a chevy guy forever!!! :smash:
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lol thats impressive but it will come around they all break.
hell mine breaks down all the time and i have almost replaced every parton it now :rotfl: :rotfl:
another good story and how chevy is just better then all the other american motor company's...
He forgot to mention it had a Dodge 360 motor in it :idiot: Just kidding!!!
that impressive

someone's sig line on here sum's it up:
"Chevy, Like a rock, it takes a Dodge to pull one" :D:
well, I can say this, I had a chevy truck similar to yours, mine was an 82 3/4 ton 4x4 with a 350, and a granny gear manual trans(sm465 I think). anyway, my mother bought it new back in 82, and I bought it off of her in 95 with over 350K miles on it. I drove it for another year before I put in a new engine(didn't really need to, it still ran fine, but I got a good deal on a built 350 puting out 350 HP). when we pulled the origional engine out, it was using a little bit of oil, and we found that to be from worn valve guide seals. when I findailly sold it, it had over 45K miles on everything but the engine, and in all the time that we had that truck, it only left me stranded twice, once was the fuel pump, and the other time was my fault, I was giving it hell pulling out a stuck ford, and spun a bearing in the T-case.
I've used that saying for years. LOL I don't think I have it on here but it's so true.
i like chevys, but anymore they dont make a off road truck. they are 4x4 but the frame sits so low its pathetic. no ground clearance. anymore id prolly buy a ford over a chevy, which is harsh cause i dont care much for fords. but in the end, if i had my choice id want a dodge diesel. right now all i can afford is a dodge gasser, but i love it. impressive story.
For an off-road website full off A.D.D. kids? haha i get plently of readin here at school, more physics text books than stories though... :naughty:
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