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lighting ?

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ok i know you can buy a part to make the high and low beams stay on together for a chevy but haven't found one for mine

anyway i did a search and read threw three pages and saw it mentioned once (maybe my search topic wasn't good enough?)

anyways that's it just mentioned not explained

im very good with wiring but if i could find a part to plug in and go id rather do that depending on the price

anyways if u have a link to an article or the part itself id appreciate it

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Looks like your truck is a sport model. 99 up sports low beams stay on when the high beams are turned on
what about for our older trucks
I read a article about how to do it just don't remember the link or how.
i think that would over heat the bulb or the wire with only one. i think you would just have to switch to a sport setup.
I believe it is just a 'jumper wire' that will allow the fog lamps to stay on when the high beams are activated.

I think I saw it on Fritz's Dodge Ram tech site somewhere.
OK i guess i didn't go into enough detail :slap:

yes i do have a sport(and yes both my high and lows stay on at the same time)

but on my truck when u pull the lever to switch on the high beams on my truck u can pull the lever right up to the point just before it will click and it will turn the fog lights off and the high beams on but after u pull it far enough back to click the lights aren't as bright as they are before the click

the fog lights don't have anything to do with this
its something to do with a voltage regulator or the switch itself i guess?

that's what i was hoping someone could help me with sorry if i mislead you all :kicknuts: i should have went a little further with my question
i saw that the low beams on my truck have two wattage ratings

is it possible when the high beam switch is on it switches to the lower wattage filament?

it would make sense that way because i would have both low beam filaments on along with the high beam until i pull the lever all the way back
When you are pulling/switching the high beam switch, for a moment all 3 fillaments are lit (2 from low beam, and the high beam). After the switch, the high fillament of the low/high and the dedicated high are on. Try this link for more detail:

thats what i figured

now i need to find out how to keep all three on at once
What you're looking for is called a Brite Box. It can be found here:
On 2005-11-22 22:53, jherrlich wrote:
What you're looking for is called a Brite Box. It can be found here:

thanks alot for the link thats what i need(except for the price :bluecry: )

i guess ill have to find a wiring diagram and do it myself :hack:

or buy another switch and mod it
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