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lifting truck

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Im wanting to give my truck a bigger lift but i havent had any luck finding a lift kit bigger than 6 inchs which i already have,besides skyjacker uncomplelte 8 inch lift kit. So i was thinking i have two options, i know one will work and im not sure about the other. First is keep front coils and buy another set and get them weld together, or see if someone can just make a bigger coil? sound good? My other idea is taking out the front coils and reaplacing it with leaf springs. I was wondering if i go with leaf springs do i get them off a ford, year, size(f150,f250,ect), and would i have like 5 inch leafs in the front and 6 in the rear for the truck to be level? And do i need to make brackets for the leaf springs or do i take the brackets from which i get the leaf srpings from?

I hope this make since, and sorry for all the questions and new to this and im trying to learn as much as i can.

PS my truck is a 72 ford f-100

thanks Michael
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Just have a company manufacture a set of custom coils. For God's sake don't weld two together.
what company makes custom coils and how much just that run?
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