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leaning truck

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ok my truck has had a ruff year it got used every weekend and i ran it in 5 mud bog comps, and 1 mud drag so i have beat her pretty good this year

the problem is that now my truck is starting to lean i have 4.5 diesal coils in front and the passide is sitting about 3 inches higher then the driver side at first i figured the lean was just cause of the 35 gallon tank and 200 pound me but its got to be somthing more then that what could it be that is causeing my truck to lean so bad

springs shot
somthing bent
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ya, its not worn springs i dont' think, unless one is busted down at the pigtail part. is there a leaf busted? mud bogging shouldn't really put any more load on springs, pulling would. 3" is a lot of lean.
well could it be caused by me being the guy that pulls the most stuck trucks out
on fords it is usually bent radius arms or radius arm bushings on the axle itself are worn. maybe its your arms?
if it was the arms wouldn't it just be the front leaning not the hole side
for some reason it makes the whole side lean on fords. not quite sure why. should be easy enough to check the condition of the bushings and bars though
no its easy i will check it tommor morning dang it it will still be dark at 4 am well i will check it when i get a chance in the day light

if it is the arms are the ends of the skyjacker double flex control arm replacable or do i have to get new arms

if they are around how much money am i lookin at for the control arm ends
if the arms were messed up, you'd know it. your steering would probably not be correct, tires worn very unevenly. clunking and banging would be happening.
Couple things off the top of my head other than the arms being bent or the HEIMS being jacked... (and HEIMS are replaceable from SJ.. might even be lifetime ?)

Make sure coils are on correct sides.. the Drivers side is taller than pass side. If you had them out any time recently or so.. you coulda swapped them by accident.

I had a lean on Big Bird once.... I snapped the rear leafs through the center on both sides.. right through the center bolt area. The leafs were no longer U shaped, but W shaped.

The Drivers side was worse and since you have more weight on the drivers side of the truck, the whole thing leaned.

The leafs were replaced for free from Skyjacker.

just some things to think about.
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i idn,t think diesel coils were side specific.
well if they are on the wrong side it would have leaned from the time i lifted it

i will put it on the lift at work wensday nite and check this all out
I don't think diesel coils are for one side or another. Just measure them to make sure they are the same height.
Measure all your axle to frame heights and see where the problem is....
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