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lady decided to drive under my truck

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With me rollin through a green light going 50mph, an old lady thought itd be good idea to pretend that there isnt an F350 comeing from the other way and make a left turn in front of me. I missed her with the front but my back rim pretty much totalled her Chrysler Imperial. My aluminum rim looks like itd make a better spare from now on but is there a way I can get a new tire (tire on it is a almost new BFG MT, dammit) out of the deal? She was at fault and got a ticket. Im thinking of having a dealership inspect an after accident "noise" in the rear and install a locker on re-assy for me. Anyone know any tricks to get this work done? Her insurance is state farm.
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that sucks

"state farm is on your side" :rotfl:
On 2005-11-21 11:37, dixiedawg wrote:
why wouldnt insurance cover any damage?

:withstupid: sounds like a good job to get your locker and wheel/tire fixed lol
well the install would be free if it was indeed damage by the accident and needs to be fixed. you would have to pay the difference between the replacement products and what you want put in (ie detroit) it would cost you money but it would be cheaper and the install would be free.

keep in mind it must have been caused by the accident
Have anything that is tweaked or bent at all replaced. Dont wait till later on and realize something is wrong and have to pay for it out of your own pocket. Check spring, shocks, whole axle a$$embly.

I had something similar happen with my 98 Chevy. Old lady hit the rear tire at about 40 and almost took the whole rear axle out from under the truck. I ended up with 2 new shocks, one new spring, new complete axle a$$embly, new exhaust, and some minor body work.
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