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Kustom interior?

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does anyone have anything custom done to their interior, as in my case, the headliner?
my headliner is starting to tear away at the corners and when i do my gauges coming soon i thought i would redo my headliner but i was thinking about making a rams head embosed into the headliner while i was at it
does anyone have anything done like this or should i just stay clear of it and keep it simple?
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I'd say go for it :bigthumb: Get soem cardboard or thick foam or somthign to make it out of and stick it to headliner and cover over it. I want to do mine casue previous owner got somthing all over it maybe victims blood or osmthing who knows thats not the point lol. I am trying to find fabric or somthing that will work witout having to have a seem in it.
Tweed or the same {expletive} A.R.E puts in the inside of the truck caps
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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