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Anyone know how much replacement keys are for dodge's? I just so happened to lose mine somewhere between baytown and houston.....teehee. anyone got a hook up at a stealership?
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Do you have a security system that uses the key sensor? If not hit up walMart, they make them pretty cheap.
Seeing that my dodge ram keys dont have a chip in them as do all of them. I dont see why you couldnt get a key cut for it as opposed to going to the Stealership. You could try either of the two.
If he lost his keys, he probably doesnt have one to get copied
dont you have to have a duplicate of the key for them to make one at walmart? that was my one and only key.
no security system. less u call a billy club security.
bend over, the stealer is :rotfl: <insert bad smiley here>
like how much an i fixxin to get raped fer?
You could have a locksmith cut a key for you cant you
i doubt that. but i bet they would charge me just as much as the stealership would.
The cost of a replacement key for a Dodge can vary depending on the specific model and year of your vehicle, as well as the type of key you need. Generally, a basic replacement key without a remote can cost anywhere from $50 to $100, while a key with a remote can cost $150 or more. If you go to a Dodge dealership for a replacement key, the cost will likely be higher than if you go to an independent locksmith here click. However, a dealership can ensure that the key is programmed correctly for your vehicle. It's always a good idea to shop around and compare prices before deciding on a locksmith or dealership. Keep in mind that if you have lost all of your keys, the replacement process may be more complicated and expensive, as the dealership or locksmith may need to program new keys and reprogram your vehicle's computer to accept them.
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