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Keyless entry programming?

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hey, i just got a new keyless entry for my 01 ctd, and i need to know how to program them without having to go to the dealer cause they suck :fu: any of you guys have any ideas, or maybe instructions? :wall:
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If you still have one that works you can do it yourself . If the new on is the only one I am pretty sure you will have to visit the stealer
I think it tells you in the owners manual. I TRIED to do one of mine that was already programmed and it ended up not working, so I took it to the dealer and it took them maybe 30 sec. I dont know what I did wrong
awesome guys thank you, should be do-able, i def wasnt about to go to the stealership for this, id rather live without it haha, but yeah thanks a lot gary, def appreciate it :D:
ok im not having any luck gettin the transmitter to program, any idea how much this would cost at the stealership?
what?? dealerships??? i love those guys!! i realy love the guys that feed you a line of crap just to sell something. i'm glad i'm not a "mechanic" at one of those places. no one seems to like them :hack:
The stealership we have here doesn't know crap. I called to get a price for my M1 and they told me that they didn't make one for the 5.9L Magnum. Dumb arses.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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