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It's official, I now own an 83 k10

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This truck has a rebuilt carbed 305 with the sm465 its a 4x4 long bed and i think it has 3.08 gears. Any body have an idea of what kind of mileage i can expect. Im hoping for 15...Thanks
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Congrats but i gota do this! :worthless:
lol, this is gonna sound funny but i haven't even seen it yet...i will have pics shortly and will post a link :naughty:
congrats on the truck u should get fuel ijection for it it will get around 18-20 mpg thats what my gmc gets im 14 almost 15 i wanna get a K5
FI isn't gonna make that much difference mileage wise. Really the only K trucks seeing 18-20 mpg are all running the 6.2 diesel. Great mileage for a TBI truck is 15-16, 11-13 is more common though.

my unclea k10 has the stock 305 that was in it and he just instaled fuel injection and gets 18-20 mph btw its a 86 4x4
wow you guys are all left speechless by the beauty? HAHA :idiot:
Ummm, that's a lovely shade of yellow?? :sorry:

I'm sure it'll be a good truck for you, now do something to it to 'make it yours'.

it looks like it has got serious potential. wish i could find sweet ride like that. i'm stuck with 2wd for now.
ya the cab rust is mostly surface, except for the corner of that 1 door. i will probably end up flat bedding it... :bigthumb:
GREAT LOOKIN CHEVY, i love seeing those things,
thanks man, i will start a new post asking what color i should rattle can her, my last two have been black and im thinkin something suret o give me your input :silly:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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