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Well today was the day. I had it all together yesterday cept it wasn't getting fuel. I didn't install the fuel pump lobe (my ignorance of Dodge engines showed real well there... ohh well I learned) so I had to remove the front 1/2 of the engine and install the lobe then re-install everything which by that time it was dark and cold out (John, you can keep your 70 degree nights to yourself LOL j/k) so I called it quits until the next day.

Today I went out, double checked EVERYTHING and found that I had crossed one sparkplug wire so I corrected that then gave it a crank over. She cranked for about 15 seconds before firing up. I guess the fuel system priming itself again. It ran really rough at first so I got out the timing light and she was 14degrees ATDC so I retarded it back to 10degrees BTDC (seems a little much to me, but thats what the book and emissions sticker says so thats what I'll use until I tune the 2brl, or get a 4barrel carb for it.

Once the timing was right she ran really nice. The cam I have is a 427 lift and has a smooth idle, but you can definately tell its not stock cause the exhaust is really well defined (you can hear when each valve opens thru the tailpipe). I let her sit there for 30 minutes to help it break in a little before cutting it off. Then removed the valve covers and started the truck again to re-adjust the rocker arms cause several of them weren't adjusted properly even tho I clearanced them prior to startup.

Put it all back together and went out on the town. She smoked real bad for about 5 miles while the new valve seals seated I guess cause it stopped now. I can tell a huge difference now from before but I don't know how much of that was due to all 8 cylanders working right or the camshaft or both <IMG SRC="/board/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif">. But the trucks got mad power now its AWESOME!

Look for a writeup towards the end of this week with pics early next week.

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