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It snowed

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It snowed only 1" and school is delayed by 2 hours!Woot Woot :slap:
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since i dont have my truck i dont care if we get snow or not, my new car should do decent though. But we got alot of flurries and some snow not alot, but now there calling for ice and snow. :wall:
Normally we have snow by now. This year seems to be really strange... we have still been having days where it is 70 degrees out :silly: I wouldn't mind having a little snow here- no ice- just snow :D:
We finally got about an inch tonight. I had soooo much fun leaving work. My boss acts like he's never seen an 8 foot tall truck doing 180s before.

I can't wait till we have a good foot of snow. I'll go wheeling every day.
we got 3" of snow tonight(and its still coming down), it wasnt a good time to find out that one of my lockouts is not working
YOu need 4x4 with only 3 inches of snow? Or do you live like on a farm or something?
Feel lucky you don't drive a 2wd Ram all winter long in Alaska....though I do have mad skills and get around

Snowed here once this yr, 2 inchs, I wasnt even in town to see it... It's either really cold, or warm.. 73 degree's yesterday, a few nights ago it was 17 degree's.. Wind has been blowing like crazy, 25-35 average ( normal for around here )..... Strange yr so far, but it normally only gets back around here in late Jan and earily Feb....
we got about 2 inches last night. there were a couple of places that stock trucks were having to use 4wd. man i love these x-terrains.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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