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is the truck worth it

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im looking at 2 different trucks one is an 03 ctd dually with a manual trans with 75,000 miles 4x4 quad cab for 22,000 the other is an 04 ctd dually auto trans w/2,500 miles on it 4x4 leather and fully loaded for 30,000.

i need to sell my rig listed in my sig to get either i think i can get 22,000 out of it. it has 70,000 miles on it.

can i get that for my truck and which dually is better? i pull a lot so the truck gets worked and i have not seen either of them up close.
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pulling alot id def go with the manual hands down,,not a bad price on it either specially if you can pull that amount from your truck now,,I tow alot of horse trailers and equipment plus the trail rigs and id never buy another auto myself
Definately the manual trans...the 03 and 04 drivetrains are going to be almost identical (both 11.50AAM rear, 9.25AAM front, transfercase same)...unless it is a later 04 which would be a 600 CTD...but even though they do have more ummph, the 600s get worse mileage and also have emissions crap.

You can also keep your FASS you just bought...that works on the 98s to the 04s...same kit.

I also would go with the manual trans if you are towing a lot. Steve hit it on the head about the mileage and emissions on the 600. You will get better fuel mileage with the 555 and manual. Good luck selling your truck and buying a new one. <IMG SRC="">
thats kind of the way i was leaning just wasnt sure with the higher mileage on the 03 i know im getting a better truck than mine but it still has higher mileage. i forgot of the EZ and gauges and the FASS can run them on that 03 i guess.

im not sure i can get 22k for my truck but a dealer told me thats what they would give me if i traded it in on a brand new one.

im buying a house thursday so my credit is extended a lot trying to get a friend to front me the money till i get mine sold if thats what im going to do.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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