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irocks in the mud

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looking at a set of 36x13.500x16 for my 78 ford with a 460. i barly see rocks but lots of mud and they got a good review in the mag for all around just wondering if you ve seen them in action or have them how good they do int he mud or if i m better off with some thign else
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you would of cource be better off with a bogger.
but the iroks do very well in the mud in my experiance.

i will say that the hawgs may have been a little better in the mud, but the iroks do very well.

the iroks, similar to the boggers have scooped lugs. the outer lugs are actually cupped like a paddle tire would be and i think that may give them the advantage over most other similar tires. also, at least with my radials, the outer lugs are very lateral, also like a bogger, or paddle tire
If you're going to be spending lots of time in the mud, then Thornbirds are the only way to go. They self-clean way better than the Iroks and hook up better in the soupy stuff than Boggers.

:rotfl: Sorry, just being stupid! I haven't run them myself, but i've heard good things about them. But for mud, isn't the tread on the regular swampers and even the SSR's a bit more aggressive?
i was gonna be like whaaaaa???? thornbirds, my eyes actually started tearing
I was going to say run some Buckshot Mudders, but Russ beat me to the punch line.

Iroks do very good in mud compared to most other tires. Boy howdy.
You guys must have a differant kind of mud than we do in florida. Cause down here they suck. I would go with the buckshots over a irok. On my mud truck I always ran either TSL or hawgs the good thing about the hawgs are that they don't dig like a swamper.
haven't had my iroks offroad yet but my tsl's were great since they are very similar I would say they would also be great.
i love my iroks for the mud, ive found myself using 2wd in situations that should get me stuck but the iroks muscle through it. i certainly plan on buying iroks for my next set of tires too, radials this time. maybe they should call them imuds har har har
On 2005-12-04 12:10, Identity Crisis wrote:
isn't the tread on the regular swampers and even the SSR's a bit more aggressive?

regualar swampers, maybe, SSR's, no. the lugs may be larger or whatever, but they do not have much of a lateral "Paddle" on them as the irocs. and i was surprised when i got mine that interco put the scooped lugs into them like they do with the bogger, i think they really are a great all around tire, just like interco designed them to be. great on rocks, great on trails, great in the mud, and even great on the road
When I had my Iroks on, they did great in the mud. Clean out very well and just keeping going.
i have the tsl/sx's and they do great in the mud. i tend to leave it in 2wd a lot of the time. they throw huge chunks
I had my IROKs everywhere I've taken my boggers. They worked really good in the mud down here. Never had a problem getting stuck, or pulling anyone out. Even right before I sold them, they worked like a champ. And that was with 60% tread or so left.
ive seen the 36x13.50 tsl's and the 37x12.50 ssr both get swallowed in mud, (black4x4 and kb440) at tony mud bog, i would go with the bogger, from what i seen at the mud pits in florida the irok dosent perform as good as the bogger or any of the others.
haha i dont live in cali tho. i live in b.c canada.
its a pretty light truck other than the 460 i dont carry load to offen only wood like 10 times a year but its mostly on dirt road i m running the geolander mt plus right now 35's and they are good and all but want something more aggressive to handle the deeper stuff. i m not afriad to get deep just hydrolocked my 351 a couple months agot hats y i did the 460 swap.
hmmm since you live in canada i think i would like to take the time to also mention they do great in the snow. :bigthumb:
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