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iRiver MP3 ?

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I'm interested in getting an mp3 player, iRiver in particular. The model I looked at has a black and blue case with an lcd screen.

Hope the link works, thats the one I'm interested in. Any how, I would like to know if this MP3 player is worth the price. What ever they may be, good points and bad points.

I will play through the cassette adapter, I know old tech, but it still works great.

Thanks in advance.

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I have one of the older model iRivers with the LCD and their fawking awesome. I can load it up with pictures, music, and can transfer files with it. They are firmware upgradeable too, makes it soooo much better than any other MP3 players.
i have the h320. had it bout a year. its great as far as features, alot more features than the previous ipods. has FM radio, picture & text viewers, reccording capabilities, plug & play usb 2.0 in any windows pc (drag & drop - dont have to use something like itunes, but you can synch w/ windows media player). my complaints: buttons too small and hard to push, and i often push the wrong buttons on accident. buttons aren't really labeled either, so there is some learning time to figure out what everything does. its a little bit more complicated as far as ease of use (compared to the ipod). the ipod is easier to use.
I wish I could get the link to work, but it's the iRiver H10 model. If someone could please enter that make and model number in the Bestbuy search, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm clueless to this new technology. I just want to make sure I buy whats right for my particular needs.

Thanks for your responce dubya. My reasoning to buy this particular model (iRiver H10) is exactly what K5Chris stated, buttons are large enough to select what I want without taking much of my attention from driving. It only has two buttons and touch pad in the center. I like the option of dragging songs from pc to mp3, Chris thats something I wasn't aware of.

Chris how do you connect your mp3 to your stereo. I was thinking I can use the cassette adapter. Someone told me you can program your stereo to a station not in use, and the mp3 would play through that station. Is this true?

Once again, thanks for the help on my many questions and actually reading this far down.


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the buttons on the h10 look alot better than my h320. looks like they improved them alot.

my stereo (jvc kd-sx940) has a 1/8" stereo auxillary input jack right in the front of it, so i just use a cord with an 1/8" male stereo plug on both ends to connect the headphone jack directly to the stereo auxillary input.

you can use a cassette adapter or an FM modulator. both will decrease audio quality, and FM modulators often fade out while your driving.

the best solution is to either get a headunit with an auxillary input on the front, or get an RCA converter adapter to wire into your stereo. has them for alot of stereos. they have this fancy box specifically for ipods, but also have boxes that allow you to plug any audio source into it via RCA's.
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